Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

Program Objectives

It is the ability to communicate well that determines the success of an individual. In today’s cross-cultural & complex business environment, it is imperative for a professional to be good at communication and presentation skills. This two days’ workshop will enable the participants to harness their full potential in the area of interpersonal communication & presentation skills


Program is a mix of interactive lectures, research instruments, experiential exercises, role-plays, and learn by doing techniques.

Program Contents

Communication Skills

  • Understand the basic elements of communication
  • Gaining active listening and responding skills
  • Seeing things from other’s point of view
  • Managing self-assumptions more effectively
  • Understanding the ones strength
  • How others may see you
  • Looking at body language
  • Increasing confidence
  • Handling difficult people or situations
  • Filling up ones communication tool kit

Presentation Skills

  • Winning Presentation Skills
    • Setting a clear purpose for a presentation
    • Defining the objectives
  • Managing the Presentation Environment
    • Right Location and the best lay-out
    • Distractions and how to overcome them
    • Planning and using Visual Aids
  • Speaking to Influence
    • Understanding the audiences psychology
    • Stimulating their interest and participation
    • Creating a favorable impression
    • Creating awareness of Non-Verbal Communication

Know Your Facilitator

Nadeem Ahmed, an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad (3TP-MDP) and AOTS Japan, with an MBA in Operations and Marketing. Is a seasoned professional who specializes in the areas of Self-Management, Communication Skills, Sales & Marketing Management, Operations Management and General Management. He is a certified trainer from IFC World Bank on Train the Trainer, Problem Solving from AOTS Japan. Nadeem comes with over 2 decades of experience and has a unique blend of real time experience and skills to impart training. As a person he connects easily with people, inspires and motivates in bringing the positive change within the participants